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Unearth your goals so you can find the right practice. Do you want more body awareness? Do you just want to relax? Are you trying to manifest a dream? Are you trying to get out of your head and stay present? Intention + Attention = Manifestation


Learn about the different ways to meditate, and find one that works for you in this moment. Bored with meditation? Maybe you just haven't found the right practice for you.


Just like different keys unlock different doors, there are different tools for different intentions based on where you are now. Learn about different technologies that can help you "get into the zone."
Inspiration needs no explanation. -Russell Eric Dobda
Reality is constructed by our perception. It does not actually exist without it -Russell Eric Dobda
The unknown is too vast to live in known unhappiness -Russell Eric Dobda
Intention and awareness are two tools that enable us to create anything our heart desires from the universe. -Russell Eric Dobda
Be careful when you set intentions. They just might manifest -Russell Eric Dobda
A key to manifestation is that when the doors of opportunity open, you have to walk through them. -Russell Eric Dobda
When we say disparaging things, even to inanimate objects, they can stick. Use discernment as to what you put out to the universe. -Russell Eric Dobda
We can change reality just from assumptions accepted as true, regardless if they could be quantifiably accepted as true through the physical. -Russell Eric Dobda
The only limits are those you impose upon yourself. You are the one who gives you permission to be you. Not anyone else. -Russell Eric Dobda
Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs. -Russell Eric Dobda
You are free to create your own paradigms instead of accepting those presented to you. -Russell Eric Dobda
We are all important parts of a much larger system. THe universe's puzzle would not be complete without us. -Russell Eric Dobda
Perhaps we should address the fact of man-made pollution instead of the theory of man made global warming. -Russell Eric Dobda
Even just taking 20 seconds to truly appreciate your surrounding makes a world of difference. -Russell Eric Dobda
Accept the past; embrace the present; consider the future. -Russell Eric Dobda
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