It is well established that binaural beats can affect states of mind by “programming” the frequency of the brain. However, can binaural beats also be used to affect the physical body? For example, can binaural beats trigger the endocrine system to produce and release molecules into the bloodstream? Can they connect the mind to the astral plane, or induce an out of body experience? Over the years, there has been much written about the special powers of binaural beats. Some of it has been supported by scientific studies, and some of it must be tried by the listener to determine if it works or not. In this blog we will explore some of the “edge cases” for the usage of binaural beats to induce different states of mind and body…

Digital Drugs?


Scientific study supports binaural beats for four use cases: Focus (Beta), Creativity (Alpha), Relaxation (Theta), and Sleep (Delta). Anecdotal evidence points to a lot more opportunities to use binaural beats. An early app (even before Meditation Treks) was a tool called i-doser where the FDA actually had to step in because they were marketing binaural beats as digital drugs without expensive scientific studies behind it. I will let you be the judge if listening to binaural beats can mimic the effects of marijuana, now that both are legal.

Binaural Beats for Hormones

PictureBinaural Beats for Birth Control? Not likely

Beyond the proven usage of binaural beats for four basic brainwave states, and as outlined in the apps and blogs from Meditation Treks, you can find frequencies online that go more into “claiming direct health benefits” which is frowned upon without these well-funded studies. Nevertheless, if you research the internet you can even find things like the frequency for human growth hormone. It would be wonderful if someone would fund a study to see if there are indeed frequencies and sound designers who can create audio landscapes which can induce the body to release these chemicals into the body. At the end of the day, that’s what we try to do here at Meditation Treks.

The Gamma Range


Another example of the “edge cases” of science in binaural beats, you can find internet hypothesis about the gamma frequency. The general belief is that binaural beats in the gamma frequency allow you to focus “even better” than Beta because there is an “anxiety” element of the Beta frequency that goes away when you go into gamma. I would love to see more studies about gamma. To my ear, these frequencies become more “musical” because the beat frequency is more of a harmony because the left and right ear have frequencies far enough apart to constitute musical notes. I firmly believe that music is a great way to alter your brainwaves, especially by listening to uplifting songs, like those by the band Empire of the Sun.

What’s next?

Meditation Treks will continue to support the movement towards the discovery of as many uses of binaural beats as possible, through things such as our free smartphone app or even the basic web app. The science is clear for the usage of binaural beats under some use cases. That said, there are others which have enough anecdotal support to consider further investigation. A decent place to check out during your discovery of these “edge use cases” for binaural beats is FreeBinaural.com.

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