Guided Meditation Treks V2

Guided Meditation Treks: Volume 2

Available now as an mp3 album or as a smartphone app where you can precisely control the volumes of the different elements (spoken word, brainwave entrainment, nature sounds, music)

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Cleanse a Drama Cycle

This track was played on December 21, 2012 with a group as an intention-setting meditation for the “Beginning of the world Party” to help us cleanse recurring personal and worldly drama cycles founded on old ways of thinking and reacting, as well as set an intention to usher in the new age that brings new way of thinking! Inspired by Jason Hahn, Recorded in Austin, Texas

Ask Your Higher Self a Question

Take a guided journey through the desert and into an ancient Egyptian city where your higher self has left you the answer to a question that you’ve been asking yourself to answer with clarity and for your greatest good. Come prepared with the question.

Produced for the 2013 New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in Seoul, South Korea, this meditation takes you on a journey to allow your higher self answer a question. WRITE DOWN YOUR QUESTION before you begin and BE SURE TO USE HEADPHONES, as this meditation uses binaural beats and 3D sound.

Idea: Russell Dobda & Kim Keeton
Spoken Words: Russell Dobda
Music: Sean Maher & Russell Dobda
Sound Engineering: Sean Maher

Recorded in Austin, Texas

Program a Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystals are a mineral-based lifeform that have many purposes in our lives. Metaphysically, quartz is the most programmable of all crystals, and individual crystals can be programmed to help you fulfill intentions on the physical plane. This guided meditation walks you though how to clear, activate, charge, program, and seal your own quartz crystal. Inspired by Sean Maher, Recorded in Istanbul, Turkey

Help Another with Thought

Thoughts are things. An idea, a value, a realization, a revelation. Thoughtforms are living creatures themselves. This exercise will allow to send multiple helpful thoughtforms to another person living on the physical or non-physical plane. You will use this opportunity to send thoughtforms of wellbeing, peace, and protection to another person, as well as any other thoughtforms you might want to send, such as a wish that someone make a decision or judgement for their highest self, or some bit of information you feel they will be able to use. With your own mind and heart at peace, and your ego out of the equation, you are fit to help others with your thoughts. Inspired by CW Leadbeater and Annie Besant, Recorded in Istanbul, Turkey