Sigalovada Sutta: The Buddha’s Advice to Sigalaka translated from the Pali is a take on worship, which involves abandoning impure actions, realizing the six ways of squandering wealth, having an awareness of the four good-hearted friends and the four enemies disguised as friends. It discusses a 6-directional prayer of gratitude, affirmation, and intention.

“What four impure actions are abandoned? The harming of living beings is an impure action, taking what is not given is an impure action, sexual misconduct is an impure action, and false speech is an impure action. These four are abandoned.”

“Young man, be aware of these four good-hearted friends: the helper, the friend who endures in good times and bad, the mentor, and the compassionate friend.

“Young man, be aware of these four enemies disguised as friends: the taker, the talker, the flatterer, and the reckless companion.

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