Sleep Album

“Sleep is the best meditation.” ~Dalai Lama

Explore the realms beyond the physical world with this app or mp3 album

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mp3 Album

The sleep album is something that people have been requesting from me for some time. Once Jeff Bridges released a sleep tape, I knew its time had come. While Jeff’s album is somewhat comical, and I had trouble falling asleep because I was too busy laughing, the Guided Meditation Treks Sleep Album is meant to fulfill a purpose.

  • The first purpose is to help you to fall asleep. The album (and app) has two tracks to do this: “Sleep” and “Sleep 2.” Both of these tracks use spoken word along with binaural beats and nature sounds to ease you into a restful deep sleep. Each one does it in a slightly different way.
  • The second purpose is to help you achieve a lucid dreaming state or out of body experience (OBE). The “Dream” track is meant to be played in the middle of the night and includes a wealth of tips as well as a meditation to ease you directly into a lucid dream or OBE state.
  • The third purpose is to help you take a nap. The “Nap” track is meant to be played during the day, when you have either 20 minutes, 90 minutes, or 3 hours for a nap. This track will play throughout your nap and wake up you at the end, easing you back into your day.
  • Also, the iOS version of the app includes some features not included in the album. You can listen to the nature tracks by themselves, as well as listen to a pair of binaural beats tracks without spoken word to ease you into a deep sleep state with delta waves or into a relaxed state with theta waves.
  • The iOS app also includes a short introduction to sleep hygiene and how to use the app. This introduction is shown below as a preview to the app!