“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.” ~ Lao Tzu


The new album

Think you aren’t any good at meditation? Wondering how to find the time to meditate? Too much going through your head to focus? Sit back and relax while you watch the images in your mind’s eye and connect with your higher self using this new meditation app for iOS.

As a follow up to the previous Guided Meditation Treks and Binaural apps released earlier this summer, tune into the latest release, Guided Meditation Treks Volume II. Four new spoken word guided meditations combine guided image therapy with binaural beats, soothing sounds of nature, and this time ambient music help you to work through real-life situations and improve your outlook.

“Cleanse a drama cycle” will help you work through an old pattern and use new ways of thinking. “Program a Quartz Crystal” will show you how to use your intention to metaphysically program a physical quartz crystal to run the program of your intention. “Ask Your Higher Self a Question” was the meditation that helped the author, Russell Eric Dobda, change careers. It will help you find the answer to that burning question you’ve been asking yourself, whatever it may be. Finally, “Send Helpful Thoughtforms to Another” is a guided meditation that will show you how to use your thoughts to help another person. Remember, thoughts are things.

PictureScreenshot from the new app

This app was previously available as downloadable mp3s, but the iOS app versions allow you to control the volume levels of the individual components of each meditation to custom-tailor the sound to your preferences. Download the app or get the original mp3’s today at the Guided Meditation Treks website.  These apps will help you create a space for meditation any time or any place with a smartphone.

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