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Volume 2 On Bandcamp

Guided Meditation Treks, Vol 2 has been added to BandCamp. You can find it on the Guided Meditation Treks artist page there! You can also stream it below…Guided Meditation Treks, Vol 2 by Guided Meditation Treks […]

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Program a Quartz Crystal With Love

Quartz: The most programmable of all crystals This week, I released Guided Meditation Treks Volume II as an iOS app. One of the tracks is to program a quartz crystal. I have posted a guest blog about it on Energy Muse. You can read about the blog on their site, then buy a crystal from them to program! Happy crystal programming!Read More… […]

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Turn Anywhere into a Meditation Temple with a Smartphone

“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.” ~ Lao Tzu The new album Think you aren’t any good at meditation? Wondering how to find the time to meditate? Too much going through your head to focus? Sit back and relax while you watch the images in your mind’s eye and connect with your higher self using this new meditation app for iOS. As a follow up to the previous Guided Meditation Treks and Binaural apps released earlier this summer, tune into the latest […]

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