I recently wrote a travel book on how to use Technology and Mindfulness to go deeper on your travels while you simultaneously make it cheaper. It not only outlines how to make a smartphone into your personal travel agent, it covers how you can use a mindfulness practice to get the most out of your travel experience. The book starts by outlining the concepts of manifestation: dream and opportunity. It discusses how to formulate your travel dreams, then find the opportunity from the universe to seize your dream.

The middle part of the book covers all of the technology around travel. From the airline websites for travel hacking, such as skyscanner.com and kayak.com to the social networks such as couchsurfing.org and Facebook.com that will help you to stay for free with locals while they show you their culture as you live with them.

The final part of the book wraps up with more details about mindful travel. This covers everything from having an attitude of gratitude to attract more things about which to be grateful, to learning lessons and seeing the positive in things when the itinerary doesn’t come through as planned. There’s an entire section on solo female travel to help women to understand that they too can travel the world solo. The final section of the book talks about journaling, and how you can use journaling as part of your mindfulness practice as you travel.

Recently, I also posted an article on selfgrowth.com that outlines the concepts one level deeper than this blog post. So, check them out, and check out my book too so you can also travel around the world!

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