​In these unprecedented times of quarantines and curfews, the key factor of our human morality we are processing is that of “free will.” Free Will is the most quintessential element of our existence here on planet earth. Of course, we all want free will for ourselves, and we have been generally given that. The bigger challenge for human existence is not asserting our own free will, but to only have free will up to the extent that it does not impinge upon the free will of others.

​It has been said that our primary mission in this existence as humans on this planet is a decision between “service to self” and “service to others.” In the case of free will, many on this plane have mastered it in terms of “service to self.” Unfortunately for them, this is a pyramid scheme, and only the true top 1% will succeed. On the other hand, in a world of “service to others,” the system sustains itself if everyone is at least 51% service to others. The key is a balance to experience human life sustainably with the evolutionary goal of service to some higher purpose beyond that of your own physical body… or even gene pool or social circle.

Now, we are presented with a situation where it is said that we must give up our free will and quarantine ourselves. Obviously, this looks bad for my individual free will, but the big question is whether I am a threat to the free will of others by leaving my house/not wearing a mask/non-essential living in public. The idea is that if we are a carrier of a disease from one person to another (regardless of whether we get symptoms), we are guilty of blocking the free will of the person to whom we gave the disease to, and/or perhaps that of the healthcare worker who has to treat them.

This is an intriguing argument I ponder. We can see that it is a good time to take a step back to truly evaluate how to proceed. It’s also a great time to spend time looking within yourself through meditation, dreaming, writing, journaling, playing music, creating art, and the like. Maybe it’s even a good time to dig deeper into policy and frameworks functioning in the world who have the power to make everyone in almost every country stay home. Governments printing a little bit of money for citizens and a lot of money for corporations.

Credit: CDC

​As with any line of logic or scientific conclusion, there are always a set of assumptions used to create conclusions. These assumptions can be physical observations, statistics, or even sets of norms. For example, the above argument already precludes that this disease is a virus passed in human to human contact that takes away the free will of some people (up to and including death), but not others. The numbers are higher than a normal flu.

There are also unknowns that will eventually become known only through time. This is a great exercise to get statistics. How did it work to implement a lockdown of the world? How did some people benefit economically, and how did others suffer? What are the new ways we will look at doing commerce and business in the future? Why is the hospital system laying off so many people during a pandemic? Is this just another virus in the gene pool we will have to deal with for the rest of humanity? Is the COVID-19 coronavirus like other corona viruses (common cold) where there is no immunity nor working vaccine? Will people take a vaccine that is not clearly tested for efficacy and safety?

“Where does the 51% service to others free will lie in quarantine isolation?”

Vaccine Makers and the Trolley Problem

While we’re on the subject of vaccines, it’s a similar “free will” argument. The argument is that you must vaccinate to preserve the free will of others. This sounds great until we dig into the assumptions. We assume that the vaccine works (efficacy) and that it’s safe (safety). These are huge assumptions with huge risks that can be more deadly than the disease itself to that individual, as has been seen in the past (and continues to be seen) with other vaccines. Either way, the vaccine providers seem to have criminal and financial immunity from impinging upon the free will (up to and including death) of the few (and there will be at least a few) people who are vaccine injured. In the end, it’s another statistic in the fight for free will. Where does the 51% service to others free will quarantine lie?

I believe that we are part of a huge scientific, economic, technocratic social experiment right now around biology, sociology, psychology, government, monetary systems, life, death, sickness, and the evolution of consciousness. Stay safe out there.

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