PictureScreenshot from the Android App GMT V1

To complement the iOS app and cover all bases, I am pleased to announce that Guided Meditation Treks V1 and Guided Meditation Treks V2 are now available as apps for Android Devices!  Now you can control the volume of the different elements to the guided meditations, as well as select between isochronic pulses or binaural beats for the brainwave entrainment track. Check it out on the Google Play Store now.

Google Play Listing for GMT V1.
Available meditations on V1:
1. Meet your Spirit Guide
2. Reprogram Counterproductive Thoughts
3. Heal a Relationship
4. Manifest

Google Play Listing for GMT V2
Available Meditations on V2:
1. Cleanse a Drama Cycle
2. Ask Your Higher Self a Question
3. Program a Quartz Crystal
4. Send Helpful Thoughtforms

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