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Binaural Beats Use Cases

It is well established that binaural beats can affect states of mind by “programming” the frequency of the brain. However, can binaural beats also be used to affect the physical body? For example, can binaural beats trigger the endocrine system to produce and release molecules into the bloodstream? Can they connect the mind to the astral plane, or induce an out of body experience? Over the years, there has been much written about the special powers of binaural beats. Some of it has been support […]

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The Meditation Used By Buddha to Find Enlightenment

I just got back from a 10-day retreat in Kaufman, Texas, where I learned teachings passed down for centuries from the man himself, Gautama Buddha. If learning to meditate like Buddha isn’t a great marketing spin for a meditation retreat, I don’t know what is! The seminar was a mind-blowing experience with its share of ups and downs. This is my story, and my take on the meditation technique of vipassana. Seeking a Teacher, Not a Guru S.N. Goenka The retreat was posthumously hosted by S. N […]

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Mindful USC Studies

Wow, USC has several studies showing the benefits of mindfulness in our daily lives. From changing brain structures in old people (something we once thought was impossible) to sleeping better at night by being more aware during the day to increasing your attention span or quitting alcohol, mindfulness practice can change your life! Here are some studies from this enlightening organization! […]

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