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Now on Bandcamp…

The first album, Guided Meditation Treks Volume 1, is available on bandcamp, and can now be streamed right here in this blog post. This album makes meditation easy. Grab your earbuds (for the binaural beats), sit on a chair, sit on the floor, or lie on your back. Close your eyes and enjoy one of these four meditations right now. Released in 2012.Guided Meditation Treks Volume 1 by Guided Meditation Treks […]

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Guided Meditation Treks for Android!

Screenshot from the Android App GMT V1 To complement the iOS app and cover all bases, I am pleased to announce that Guided Meditation Treks V1 and Guided Meditation Treks V2 are now available as apps for Android Devices!  Now you can control the volume of the different elements to the guided meditations, as well as select between isochronic pulses or binaural beats for the brainwave entrainment track. Check […]

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Sending Helpful Thoughtforms and Theosophy

Theosophy Thoughts are things. In my latest album, I wrote a meditation inspired by two writers in the field of Theosophy. Here’s an article I wrote about this meditation and these concepts on theosophy.net. They outline how our thoughts are not insignificant, and that it is our duty to watch what we think, as well as what we say.Read more… […]

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