PictureBinaural Beats Help the Brain

One of the fundamentals of Guided Meditation Treks is the concept of brainwave entrainment with binaural beats. Most of the meditation programs offered through this site implement some form of “binaural beats,” which is a technology scientifically shown to steer your brainwaves towards certain frequencies. With this technology, your mind can be coaxed into becoming sleepy, focused, relaxed, or even creative. Binaural Beats are embedded into Guided Meditation Treks albums, but I have also been offering a smartphone app called “Binaural” which lets you generate these tones on your own. Now, I’ve released a web app that does the same thing! This online app lets you generate your own binaural beats using nothing more than an HTML5-enabled web browser!

Visit the binaural web app.

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