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With over 100,000 downloads, Binaural is currently the most popular app from Guided Meditation Treks. Of course, it’s the free one. I am working on a pro version with a “next-level” programming experience for Binaural in the mean time. Some of the feedback I get through this website is used to craft the next releases of my apps, as well as address bug fixes on existing apps. Some of the messages are simply messages of gratitude, which I love. These are some of my favorite feedback messages from users of the Binaural meditation smartphone app:

“I am very impressed with the app, they way it is set up it is user friendly and just the functionality as a whole is amazing.   Whether your a beginner or a seasoned user of this type of technology, it is useful and helpful for all.  Love and light to you and may you continue to help in bringing us together as one with the Universe.  Thank You

​ Thanks so much I believe in you people. 

​I am so grateful for your sharing of such a wealth of information.  Thank You So Much!

​Its very beautiful knowledge thanku so much,  lots of love n blessings 🙂

Sir, Your app is very nice.Thsnks very much.

I want to thank you for this overview of these tones. I would usually just hit the present numbers and go from there (with pretty good results) … I’m an English teacher here in China and I use my mid day break to meditate with binaural music as a way to recharge and amp up my creativity for new lesson plans but with your information here I will meditate to your app and advice. Thanks for your overview. This app is TOP NOTCH.  all my best, 

​I’m ready

​Great app. Good work admin. 

​I’m looking forward to achieve peace with my mindset and the other me inside

​To relax n find inner peace

​I Lovely’s learning it

I like your almost all frequencies but mostly try “third eye” and “chanting”.
Thank for developing such a nice app. 

​They make sense

​Tankh you so much for this beautifully made app. The tracks really carry over a wide range of use. Hope this field opens a bit wider for tellemetry and audio meditae.

​I like it,the app/program very much,?

​I used lucid dreaming and it worked, I’m going to keep trying this a lot.

​Much gratitude to the developer! I’m researching about analysis and assessment of gateway process based on declassified document of CIA. So this App helped me much in experimenting my study. 

​Me encantó la aplicación.. con esta guía quedé mucho mejor.. gracias

​Thank you for this very well DÃ app. All the best for you.

​Energy healing is magical and amazing praise jah!

Amazing! This one app covers so many aspects of meditation / so very convenient. Thank you!

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