Binaural was my first app created for both Android and iOS. It has been for sale for 99 cents for the last year. Well, after making a brand new update to the iOS version of the app this week to allow a custom volume control, I’ve decided to go ahead and give this app away for free!

You can feel free to use the binaural app for iOS or android to create your own guided meditations. After all, the world needs more meditation! These apps will allow you to generate your own binaural beats, as well as learn about the concepts of brainwave entrainment, brain frequencies, and binaural beats technology.

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the gifts! If you’ve already purchased this app in the past, thank you for your support to help me cover the costs of enrolling in the apple & android developer programs. They are not free!

Binaural for iOS can be found at the Apple App Store

Binaural for Android can be found a the Google Play store

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