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Binaural Nature Meditation App

Download for iOS or Android now!As a followup to the free Binaural app (with over 100,000 downloads), this is the app version of the “Nature Meditation” album, as it combines nature sounds and brainwave entrainment with binaural beats and isochronic tones into one fully-customizable platform to bring you closer to nature and guide your brainwaves into states that you program yourself. Learn more about this app. Science has shown that the sounds of nature are more relaxing than the […]

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Sleep Album on BandCamp

The 2015 album, Sleep, offers four different Guided Meditations for Sleep: Fall Asleep, Fall Asleep with the Light, Take a Nap, and Induce a Lucid Dream. Get in touch with your spirit, which never sleeps, as your body relaxes in bed. Stream ore purchase it now from Bandcamp, or below…Sleep by Guided Meditation Treks […]

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