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Special Diets are Not Just Trendy

In 2023, it may seem “trendy” for people to have special diets and food allergies. From being “gluten free” to “dairy free” to “raw food vegan” to people who do not eat any carbs, and now with the World Economic Forum telling us that “you will eat ze bugs,” there’s a huge playing field for the special needs of individuals on a diet. The hardest part is that there’s no “one diet” that works for everyone. In this blog, I explore some of these diets and my own personal journey in finding my own sp […]

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Fulhum – Black is Beautiful

Water that’s nutritious I consider myself a water snob, filtering chlorine and fluoride from my tapwater for over 10 years and ordering Topo Chico or Pelligrino in a restaurants for just as long. So, I was excited when Texas-based Fulhum asked me to review their product, an alkaline water infused with fulvic and humic minerals. In the midst of drinking lots of water for a cleanse, upon my first sip, I could feel my cells thanking me. This wasn’t ordinary bottled water. This was some “next l […]

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