There are many ways to meditate! As part of a cleanse, I’ve been taking a hot bath every day for the last two months. A hot bath is a great way to meditate, and it is also a great way for your body to detoxify itself! You can do this in a hot tub or sauna, but since most people have a bathtub, a hot bath is easier.

Like me, you might have a tendency to get out of a hot tub after about 5 minutes as you start to sweat. But if you can hang in there, that’s only the beginning of where the fun starts! The key to a detoxifying hot bath meditation is to stay in the hot water and sweat for 10-15 minutes. As with any meditation, at first, it can be challenging to sit still that long (especially in hot water), but it’s worth it in the end! Here are my tips!

Steps for the Hot Bath Meditation

  1. Put a glass of water next to your tub (so you can drink it when you get thirsty)
  2. Put a stopper in your tub drain
  3. Turn on *only* your hot water until your tub is almost full (or your hot water is almost out)
  4. Add bath salts and/or essential oils if you wish (optional)
  5. Put a thermometer in the tub to check the temperature – it will be too hot to get into!
  6. Turn on *only* your cold water until the tub temperature is as hot as you can stand it without burning you (for me, this is about 115°F). You may need to move the water around to disperse the temperature. The hotter the better, but don’t hurt yourself!
  7. Get in the water – take your time and ease into it slowly!
  8. Submerge your core so that it is under water, and try to keep your hands, feet, arms, and as much of your legs submerged as possible (I need to bend my legs to fit in the tub so my knees are out of the water)
  9. When your forehead shows the first beads of sweat, start a timer for 15 minutes (or 10 if you like)
  10. Meditate… meditate… meditate..
  11. When the timer goes off, SLOWLY get out of the tub, dry off, then lie down on a towel (you will continue to sweat, so you might want to lie on the floor instead of your bed).
  12. Stay lying for a while until you cool off and stop sweating.


Benefits of a Hot Bath Meditation

  1. Since you have nowhere to go during the bath, and the water can be uncomfortably hot, you are essentially forced into an active meditation. Your mind will begin to wander as it processes everything and tells you to get out of this crazy hot water. You may notice personal things come up — work, relationships, what you’ve been doing that day, etc. This is a good thing; your mind is processing. The best thing to do here is like any meditation: focus on your breathing, observe your thoughts but do not engage in them, and if you like, try things like chanting to calm, focus, or distract your mind. Keep strong for 10-15 minutes, and you will notice a sense of accomplishment at the end.
  2. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Raising your core temperature and sweating for 15 minutes will prompt your body to send its toxins out of the skin through sweat.
  3. The heat will improve circulation as it raises your body temperature.
  4. Joint pain, sports injuries, colds, and other body aches can be alleviated by the hot water
  5. Studies show that hot baths reduce stress, anxiety, and your weight
  6. If you add bath salts and/or essential oils, you will receive their benefits
  7. The steam from the bath has its own benefits
  8. After your hot bath, as your body temperature cools, you may be prompted to sleep — this is good for insomniacs.

If you do this meditation every day, as with other meditations, soon, you will begin to crave it and wonder how you ever lived your life without taking hot baths all the time!

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