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Nature Meditation Album Release

The latest release from Meditation Treks is out on mp3 album, including Spotify, iTunes, and all the usual streaming providers. Binaural Nature Meditation is the culmination of years of field recordings and months of editing and mastering. The first four tracks are specific meditations recorded from Mother Nature: The rainforest of Costa Rica, The thunderstorm of Texas, The Waves of the Caribbean, and the La Fortuna Waterfall. As if this 5 hours of nature sounds wasn’t enough, the album in […]

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The Sounds of Nature

As a child, one of my favorite albums was a 30 minute cassette tape I bought of a thunderstorm. Many a good night sleep began by cueing it up with my headphones in bed. Since then, I’ve listened to countless nature sounds recordings. One of them, I recorded myself when I lived in Texas on a cool night in San Marcos. With that recording, I had the idea to create a nature sounds album. This album is in the works with new recordings from Costa Rica. myNoise has great nature sounds In the mean ti […]

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Holiday Gifts: Part I – Free Nature Sounds!

It’s time for the season of giving! I am going to give away some special gifts this month, and the first one I’m giving away is nature sounds! The Sleep app for iOS comes with a set of nature sounds to help sooth you to sleep, but the app has an in-app purchase to more than double the library of nature sounds.  Previously, the expansion pack cost $3.99, but I have just changed the app today to make the expansion pack FREE! This means, if you buy the Sleep App for iOS, you have the option t […]

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