PictureBuid your own meditation apps with my templates on GitHub

With the release of the Vipassana App, and in keeping with the spirit of the late SN Goenka to offer free services that helps others, I have made the code for these apps open source to the public (except for the audio files).

Why is this helpful? It allows anyone to pull down a copy of my code, make a few changes to it, add your own images and audio, then create your own meditation apps! It requires a little bit of technical knowledge to create a basic iOS and/or Android app, but most of the actual work of the app itself is already done for you. This is the actual code used by my production Vipassana apps!

The templates allow you to showcase two types of guided meditation audio tracks:

  1. Fixed-length audio files (this is common for most guided meditations)
  2. Two-part audio files with a silent space between them, the length of which can be customized by your users. This allows you to give your users more flexibility on how long they want their meditation sessions to be. You would provide a part 1 and a part 2 of a track, then the app puts silent gap between them.

To use the open source code to build your own apps, just follow the instructions in the readme.md files on my GitHub pages for the two source code repositories found here:

Vipassana for iOS Open Source Code
Vipassana for Android Open Source Code

Happy Coding! If you create your own app with these templates, I’d love to hear about it, and I might even make a post about it on here if you contact me and share your app with me! Also, please note, the source code is free, but consulting work is not, so please hold your technical questions unless you want to hire me. In the mean time, I’m I’m already working on producing the next album for Guided Meditation Treks!

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