PictureBinaural for Android

My app, Binaural, is now available for Android. I’ve taken all the feedback I’ve recieved from the iOS version of this app and incorporated it into the Android verison. Binaural lets a user directly enter frequencies they wish to use to generate their own binaural beats and isochronic pulses. In addition, the Android version of the app includes a background noise track to help put the binaural beats in the background behind soothing noise.

Also, if you don’t want to do the research yourself as to which frequencies are conducive to the various brainwave states, this app includes a series of presets. At the click of a button, you can dial up a frequency to tune your chakras using either the tuning fork frequencies or the solfeggio tones. The app also includes an array of other brainwave patterns, such as Focus, Creativity, Relaxation, Sleep, Chanting, Intuition, Astral Travel, Healing, Alpha State, Intelligence, and Euphoria. When you click on one of these settings, you will also learn for yourself what these frequencies are. The binaural app is all about teaching you what binaural beats are and how they work in addition to allowing you to experience them for yourself. Enjoy!

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