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Meditation: The Untold Benefits for a Healthier Body

Guest blog by Sarah Every time you watch television, open up a magazine, grab a flyer or simply turn down the corner, there seems to be some new fad or health guru proclaiming that this is the key to self-improvement, better health, more energy, and a better peace of mind. So rarely are any of these promises delivered upon. But there seems to be a small group of people who are getting it right. There appears to be a correlation, backed up by science that people who routinely practice medi […]

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Warm Milk Journal Guest Blog

Science has recently supported the old home remedy for insomnia of warm cow’s milk before bed. With that in mind, I’ve written a guest post for the Warm Milk Journal that discusses my new app and some methods to reach the brainwaves of sleep!Check it out now! […]

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