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Vipassana iOS app released!

Today, we have released the Vipassana app to the iOS store.In this meditation app, we explore the technique of body sensation awareness made popular by the Theravada Buddhists. The app makes it easy for beginners to learn this ancient practice.Start with the breath… a simple shamatha practice to focus on your breathingContinue with the sensations of breath… two anapana breath meditations which will sharpen the mindWitness your body’s surface sensations… four different vipassana medit […]

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Free 10-Day Meditation Course

I’ve had my kundalini awakened by a Siddha Yogi in India, visited ma ayahuasca with shamans, participated in white tantric yoga, become certified in reikki and breathwork, worked with the akashic records, practiced guided and silent meditation for years, experienced…

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The Meditation Used By Buddha to Find Enlightenment

I just got back from a 10-day retreat in Kaufman, Texas, where I learned teachings passed down for centuries from the man himself, Gautama Buddha. If learning to meditate like Buddha isn’t a great marketing spin for a meditation retreat, I don’t know what is! The seminar was a mind-blowing experience with its share of ups and downs. This is my story, and my take on the meditation technique of vipassana. Seeking a Teacher, Not a Guru S.N. Goenka The retreat was posthumously hosted by S. N […]

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