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The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof There are many variations on the general concept of “Pranayama Meditation” — The meditation of the breath. At Meditation Treks, we have released the Healing Breathwork Album, which creates an oxygen rich environment in the body while guiding you through this state of consciousness with meditations that focus the mind on different cognitive behavioral states to clear old patterns and establish new ones. The pranayama practice of the Breathwork album is strikingly similar to (though not e […]

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New Healing Breathwork Album

Guided Meditation Treks is proud to announce the next album: Healing Breathwork. The culmination of years of life experience with this type of meditation modality and a 4-level training from my mentor on the subject, David Elliott, this is the 5th album from Guided Meditation Treks. The topics for this album go deep into both the light and dark elements of our lives that may need healing.The first track, Stepping Into Your Power, reminds us of the inherent power we have as a soul in this incarn […]

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Without Meditation, Yoga is Just Exercise Class

Here’s a blog I wrote on my personal website about yoga and meditation, based off of the yoga sutra’s eight limbs of meditation. I am receiving my official yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Alliance this spring, and I was inspired to write this blog based on what I’d learned through the course. It essentially points out that Yoga is an ancient phenomenon rooted in meditation, and only in recent times has it changed into being focused on body positions and asana! In fact, most of mod […]

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