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The Placebo Effect is Good Medicine

Documentary on the Placebo Effect Many look to science to determine the effectiveness of certain treatments on our health, and there is a belief in Western medicine that the solution to our problems is some procedure or pill from the outside. I write a lot about the power we have to heal ourselves, but sometimes it may seem unscientific to hold this view.Western medicine looks to physical science to prove or disprove certain hypotheses. However, Eastern belief systems indicate that our physical […]

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The Placebo Effect

My second guest post this week is on Brainwave Booster, hosted by another guy who is really into meditation technology. We will soon be collaborating on some future projects together! In the mean time, here are my thoughts on the placebo effect, a force that can be used for healing, as well as a force that can be used to inhibit healing. It might sound strange or outlandish, but you have the choice of how you can use it! Read More… […]

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