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8 Signs your Bandleader May Be a Covert Narcissist

As society and psychology evolves, we are able to better recognize and classify different personality traits so that they can be more easily recognized. Once the recognition occurs, the decision is yours as to whether or not you want to continue the relationship with this person. Of course, it can be hard. Hanging out with a covert narcissist becomes strained if you shine a light on the behavior instead of silently play along. As a keyboard player who recently moved to a new town, I had a brief […]

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The Energy Exchange of Healing and Money

This is my first of a series of guest blog posts as part of my publicity push for my new iOS apps, released this week. This article discusses the sometimes taboo subject of healers who charge for their services. This applies to any type of healer, from a musician to a clairvoyant to a yoga instructor to even those healers we don’t question sending money to: doctors. The concept comes back to a simple measurement: energy exchange. Read the article on Top Guided Meditations… […]

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