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Healing Breathwork Apps

The Healing Breathwork album is available now on CDBaby as an album or as an app for iOS and Android. The fifth release from Guided Meditation Treks introduces you to the “Healing Breathwork” practice, an active pranayama meditation that is used to transmute stuck emotions and behaviors by activating the respiratory system and heart chakra through the practice. This is a powerful meditation that can come with strong physical and emotional effects. These awakening effec […]

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New Healing Breathwork Album

Guided Meditation Treks is proud to announce the next album: Healing Breathwork. The culmination of years of life experience with this type of meditation modality and a 4-level training from my mentor on the subject, David Elliott, this is the 5th album from Guided Meditation Treks. The topics for this album go deep into both the light and dark elements of our lives that may need healing.The first track, Stepping Into Your Power, reminds us of the inherent power we have as a soul in this incarn […]

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