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Double-Slit Experiment on Steroids

You may be familiar with the fact that the double-slit experiment of quantum physics scientifically supports the notion that observation and belief creates reality. However, they took the experiment a step farther to show us an example of how this experiment also supports the notion that observation, interpretation, and expectation can even rewrite PAST reality.​YOU are the creator! […]

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The Placebo Effect is Good Medicine

Documentary on the Placebo Effect Many look to science to determine the effectiveness of certain treatments on our health, and there is a belief in Western medicine that the solution to our problems is some procedure or pill from the outside. I write a lot about the power we have to heal ourselves, but sometimes it may seem unscientific to hold this view.Western medicine looks to physical science to prove or disprove certain hypotheses. However, Eastern belief systems indicate that our physical […]

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An Experiment with Meditators Shows That Human Mind Can Interfere with Quantum Objects

This article is an oldie but goodie… A lot of researchers have recently started to conduct a variety of experiments to understand whether or not the human consciousness has any effect on the physical world. A lot of experiments have already drawn conclusive results aiming towards the subtle effect that human mind has on the surrounding material world. One such experiment is the double slit experiment in which meditators and non-meditators were given specific instructions that could alter the […]

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