Vipassana mp3 Album Released!

The latest album from Guided Meditation Treks is out on CDBaby in mp3 format! It will be available on iTunes, spotify, and other streaming providers in the coming weeks. Not to mention, the iOS and android apps for this album are almost complete and ready for release on their respective app stores. You can learn more about the album at the Vipassana page, purchase it on CDBaby, or wait a bit for it to be released in the iOS and Android app stores in the coming weeks. There will be another post […]

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How to Sit for Meditation

For those of us doing the “standard” meditation practice of sitting upright in silence with our eyes closed to observe ourselves, it’s good to be aware of the position we take to do this. I’ve always personally been rather inflexible through my years, so I generally take the easy way out and allow my back to be supported by something as I meditate. I reckon that this is much better than not meditating at all. That said, I do find it important to occasionally try stricter postures, and of course […]

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