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People say that using your smartphone too much will keep you awake at night and distract you during the day. Russell Eric Dobda - software engineer, certified yoga instructor, and meditation techie -- explains how guided meditations and a technology called binaural beats can enable your smartphone to turn any space into a temple. Russell uses technology to help people meditate in the hustle and bustle of modern-day live. He is available to speak about ways you can use meditation, technology, and mindfulness to reduce the stress of your job, eliminate the boredom of waiting at a doctor's office, and seize opportunities to realize your dreams

An active meditator for over 12 years and a software engineer for twice a long, Russell recognized early on that technology can be a tool for our personal process of self growth. These technologies include guided meditation creations to “be here now” for a timebox of continued attention.

Inspirational Quotes from Russell Eric Dobda:

“By making comparisons of things you can’t compare, you make expectations of things you shouldn’t expect.”

“Everything is perspective and perception.”

“To those who subscribe, religion can make the immoral moral (and the immoral moral). “

“I get overzealous sometimes. Yeah.”

“You never can really objectively look at a situation, especially if you are in it…  “

“When intentions create expectations (through belief), it may lead to happiness; when expectations create intentions (through belief), then it may lead to slavery.”

If you want something with no strings attached, sometimes you need to tie up the loose ends first.”

“Be mindful of those who take credit for your success or blame you for their failures.”

“Love is unconditional; but unconditional giving of other things may not always be nutritional.”

“Regardless of the imperfections of this or any other day, giving thanks with true gratitude is a great practice that is helpful in bringing peace to yourself and the world! Be happy with what you have to be happy with! You have to be thankful for what you have, to be thankful for what you have to be thankful for!”

“Even just taking 20 seconds to truly appreciate your surroundings makes a world of difference.”

“Do what feels right; let it flow… Do what you love.”

“Playing music = chillaxing the mind.”

“Be careful when you set intentions; they just might manifest!

“You have to put in the effort and intention, but due diligence usually pays off!”

Affirmation: “I manifest with my heart towards my highest self and greatest good, which I intend to be for the sum of the greatest good of everyone I touch and beyond, outside of any boxes placed on me by others for their own self-interests.”

“If you see a door that looks promising, there’s no harm in knocking; it might open for you!”

“Fast and steady wins the race.”

“I call the spirits from above
To help me see the light
And touch and feel the breadth of flow
To open the infinite”
~How i open the Akashik records

“Accept the past; embrace the present; consider the future.”

“Some days are of such greatness that it makes the other days of enduring worth it!”

“Are you happy with what you have to be happy with?”

“I am consciously optimistic (not to be confused with cautiously)…”

“Time for some carpe diem action…”

“Judging someone else’s judgement is like judging an experience you’ve never experienced. You can imagine what it would be like, but you’ll never really know.”

“Inspiration needs no explanation.”

“Your past is merely a trail of dust, and every thought and intention you put into the present moment defines who you are in the future.”

“I enjoy positive growth in my beliefs through experience.”

“Share the toils and share the spoils.”

“The universe and people through their efforts create doorways for your intentions, fed by the law of attraction of the intentions you share; it’s up to you to recognize these doorways, believe in them, put in some work on the trim or plane the door if needed, and cross the threshold to your dreams.”

“A key to manifestation is that when the doors of opportunity open, you have to walk through them.”

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything! But the only way to know is if you really put your mind to it!”

“Nobody’s path is superior except their own.”

“Mainfest your fate on a daily basis though intention in the non-physical world and action in the physical world.”

“I’ve never done it” does not mean “I can’t do it.”

“What do you feel? What do you want?”

“Measuring your own worth based on the qualities of others is like trying to measure time with a ruler.”

“The unknown is too vast to live in known unhappiness.”

“Life is too short to chase perfection, yet too long to be satisfied with mediocrity.”

“The synchronicity is unimaginable.”

“Speak to set intention; act to make it happen.”

“The power to reach our goal is always in the moment. When the moment arrives, be ready to perform the action that will help you reach your goal, and be aware when the moment is now.”

“Intentions change every moment and the force of our intentions over time on a consistent basis are what make results, not a single intention in a single moment, but rather a series of intentions over time.”

“Our life is but a wave in the ocean of consciousness.”

“Even when there’s a reason to worry, that’s not a good enough reason to worry.”

“I like to be proactive instead of reactive… Do stuff when you can, instead of waiting until you must…”

“No regrets. Live while you still can; i have always lived, and i will continue to do so…”

“Clearly, if you are committed to something, you can make it happen. The limit is your commitment.”

“If perception is reality then i have no complaints.”

“If you only stopped to ask why it was you lost your answer, you might find you asked the question wrong.”

“In any given moment, either accept your situation with all of your heart, change it to what you want, or get out of it.”

“You must first lose your way before you can find it.”

“Being in the moment without awareness is not being in the moment.”

“Everything in life has meaning and purpose, and through time it will all be revealed to us.”

“Be immersed in what you are doing, otherwise, you’ll be immersed in what you are not doing or have lost.”

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

“Breathe in calmness and happiness… breathe out stress and worry…”

“Consciousness is the main cause of the Universe and all living beings have emanated from It. We are one; if you hate someone you are really hating yourself in the end.”

“Group hugs – feel it.”

“When one says, “we are one,” it’s analogous to saying that we are the individual waves in the same ocean; however, in our case, each wave has its own consciousness and therefore the ability to alter its size and direction, therefore affecting the ocean in its own way, either going with the flow or or altering the flow by persistence of intent.”

“River flow to wash away confusion I have felt… The cards I chose are those that fell along the hand I’m dealt… The child is grown; the choice is mine; the path is at a fork… These things are so to make me grow and cause my mind to torque

I don’t agree that I should make myself feel bad so someone else can feel good. However, the lesson I want to learn is how to diffuse negative energy into something willing to take it on, like the endless white light of unconditional love that created us. The issue I’m working through is that in the past, I’ve had a reaction of redirecting negative energy back to its originator, often magnified with my own negative energy on the topic. This pisses people off immensely, makes others around us uncomfortable, and the intended ends of nobody are met. Choose my attitude, but strive to help others make a good choice as well. Use the force/source/love. For the next “heat of the moment!”

“Does anyone else ever get the feeling that if you set and hold a clear, firm, and solid intention which you believe can happen, that more often than not, it eventually happens? I think the timeframes may be sketchy (have patience); this is often because the world keeps putting the doors out there and we keep drifting past them to the next one, carrying multiple intentions all the while…”

“Embracing the transient nature of existence can make it easier.”

Words and punctuation are the overtones of a writer’s voice.

If you lie to others, you lie to yourself.

“Having a land line is awesome, if for no other reason than to find my cell phone when I misplace it.”

“We live beneath many layers. Some are for our protection, and some are for our control. ”

Integrity is simple to measure – What did you say you would do versus what did you actually do? – Lacking integrity makes one totally unpredictable.”
Cleaning the house is like cleaning the soul… Peel away the layers of accumulated debris that affect the comfort at which we partake in the current moments. Sometimes, when you clean a spot the best you think you can, you need to walk away for a minute and then come back to it so you can again perceive the next layer of debris.”

IMHO, ‘what you say’ being consistent with ‘what you do’ is far more important than ‘how you say it’ because I can say anything nicely and with empathy, but if I don’t do it, then it’s only a transient astral feeling instead of a concrete physical action… just my two cents of ignorance.”

“So amazing how the sense of smell can teleport you back in time with a complete memory of the emotions and circumstances that went along with the moment when the scent was last prevalent in your life! Such a nostalgic sense we have.”

“Age is just a number…indeed. I’ve met too many wise 22 year-olds, too many childish 40-year-olds, too many washed-up 27-year-olds, and too many young-at-heart 60-year-olds to think otherwise.

“Word of the day for me: Intexticated – driving under the influence of a smartphone.”

“It’s so easy to speak words and set good intentions (and therefore easy to feel good about yourself after speaking words or setting intentions), but in this plane, there’s no sure-fire replacement for directed physical action. Speak to set intention; act to make it happen. Consistency between actions and words is the harmony of manifestation.”

“Every man for himself eh? Thanks for letting me know. I do alright in those situations.”

You don’t even need a computer plugged into the back of your head to be hopelessly dependent on the system.”

With good intentions and bad foresight, some people make big guarantees, and when the guarantees aren’t delivered, all they have is more (yet smaller) guarantees… and repeat…

“Who needs the nightly news when you have facebook?”

“Buyer beware: “BPA-FREE” might just mean they use “BPS” instead!”

“Minor 9 chords!”

“It’s a manipulative game to claim that one would ‘give all they can’ and use this as a way to make others give to their interests, with the caveat being that they aren’t giving it because they “can’t.” Do what’s in your heart, but don’t try to impose on the hearts of others with guilt from hypothetical scenarios.”

“Friday doesn’t mean shit to me right now, but i can still feel the vibes! TGIF!”

Who needs Seinfeld when you have Facebook?”

“In a society where marriage does not necessarily mean children (let alone a stay-at-home-parent); is often more meaningful on a tax return and benefits statement than a spiritual connection; can be done and undone through simple paperwork; and where sex has been disconnected from procreation and creating a family, supporting same-gender marriage is totally logical. Either way, let yourself shine and do what you do!”

“It can be a long road of dedication and not giving up to take an idea farted out of your brain and turn it into something profitable.”

“You know it’s going to be an epic show when load-in is at noon.”

“Should one settle on being happy, or try to be happier, or engage in the possibly-never-ending search to be happiest?”

“You really do have to “be there” to play the sax. Jazz Yoga = meditation.”

“The terrorists (in government) hate our freedom”

“It’s something when the Onion puts out more believable news than mainstream media…”

“So, should the country die by increasing the debt limit or by defaulting?”

“3 things i should remember to bring to every future show: ear plugs, flashlight, saxophone.”

“Won’t need that iPhone if you don’t have any iFood.”

“hmmm, dumping water from helicopters on 3 melted-down nuke reactors seems like a desperation move if i’ve ever seen one. Time to put things in perspective.”

“Global warming from too much CO2 seems preferable to global irradiation from too much fallout.”

“The tactics of oppressive governments and religions is always the same – divide the people so they are fighting themselves and each other, then pose as the savior to the manufactured problem.”

“There is no truth without a truth on which to base it.”

“Just because you can’t explain something doesn’t make it false; just because you can explain something doesn’t make it true.”

“Looking for the best full-time software development job is a full-time job.”

“Is it wrong to have a veggie burger with bacon on it? nah…”

“I love it when I get schooled.”

“At this point in our history, we need to realize that government, media, and mainstream dogma is not always for the best interests of the individual (this means you), so do your own research.”

Note to self – don’t give high fives from the stage to random very overweight drunken stalker girls for it might result in them claiming to “know the sax player” to avoid getting kicked out of the venue for falling on the floor drunk (twice)…. disturbing…

“Scientific theories are just that, so don’t be fooled by those who tell you that the current state of science will show you “the truth.” Theories change all the time, and science is limited by perception. Flames and debaters welcome.”

“Plan for Bankers to own you and all land: step 1: offer unlimited credit to jack up prices and create a housing bubble frenzy. step 2: pull the rug out where people can’t resell the homes and default to the bank which then owns the house on money they printed out of thin air. Step 3: make even more money on the homes gotten for free by renting them out to the very people they took the houses from. Super genius.”

“So, a “drug facts” warning is required on every fluoride toothpaste box (which is not required on non-fluoride toothpaste) because fluoride is a drug. It is touted as improving some aspect of the body through chemistry. So why is it ok to force people to take drugs via municipal drinking water, and why do cities spend millions of dollars each year to buy the waste by-product of fertilizer manufacturers to do so?”

In the most recent Colorado election, marijuana legalization got more votes than the president did.”

“Ayahuasca tastes even worse on the way back up, but oh what tales it has to tell!”

Just imagine if you could be
Inside a place where you could see
Exactly what you saw once ago
Experience it with now what you know

Some days high and some days low
Some days fast and some days slow
Time will pass and come to show
That soon will grow the seeds we sow

Oh the things i’ve learned
Oh the days I’ve yearned
But as time marches on
Let us not be withdrawn
Nor follow as a pawn
But instead move along
To a future more strong
Moments with a flower
Of beauty i am showered
But the transience of a rose
Will always come to a close
And many a dawn await
For life to continue to create

Empowerment is what you need
To reach the goals you seek
Rely on others to succeed
May you among the meek

Readin bout Chinese health and healing
Seeing the concepts that i’m feeling
Yin and Yang in all our dealings
So many examples, there’s no ceiling

“Let’s focus on the fact of man-made pollution instead of the theory of man-made global warming!

When your heart has been ignited
But your love is unrequited
Don’t feel like you’ve been slighted
Or behave like you’re benighted
Inside be reunited
With the love you have incited
Keep it out to be invited
But look within to be delighted

Witnessing the intricacy of the universe working like clockwork to make stuff happen in the physical plane is amazing.